Keeping Up By Slowing Down

In the whirlwind of life, everything seems to be moving at an unprecedented pace, leaving us wondering: are we keeping up? Are we pausing to grasp the momentum of change that seems to only increase with each year? Do we even have a moment to spare in our bustling lives to cherish the connections with those we hold dear? 

Bubb’s Famous Slaw

Our most requested summer side? It’s our signature coleslaw! This is a perfect dish to compliment any summer cookout. We NEVER share our recipes, but this one is too good to keep all to ourselves. Make it and let us know how much you loved it!

Making Milwaukee a Culinary Destination

All Occasions Catering is proud to be a part of MATC’s Culinary Arts Board Committee. Owner Mark Andersen was recently asked to join the committee to contribute his knowledge and ideas gained from years of experience in the catering industry. Andersen sees this as mutually beneficial as it allows him to get a glimpse into the future of what’s “up and coming” in Milwaukee’s culinary scene.

Summer is Calling: Book Your Party Today!

As a catering company, it can be a challenge to generate urgency for summer party planning when we’re all still defrosting our windshields. And you know what, we get it. There are no paler thighs in Wisconsin than ours in late Winter, but nearly overnight the songbirds will be back, and if we open our windows wide enough we can hear the faint crack of a baseball bat. Summer is coming, quickly, and it’s time to get organized.

5 Benefits of Hiring a Caterer

You are an excellent cook. Your friends absolutely rave about your vegetarian lasagna, and Aunt Doreen specifically requests your carrot cake at family functions. Admirable though your dishes may be, with the utmost respect, you aren’t a caterer. And even if you were, there are a good many reasons not to cook for your own event, and instead hire out the pros. Here are five of them to ponder when party planning.

Up the Impact with Party Rentals

Setting the main stage for your dream wedding or annual conference comes down to fine tuning the details. Food, location, date, these are early decisions and generally a breeze to square away. But if you’re shooting for a va-va-voom baby shower or holiday bash with some razzmatazz, the rental options are endless to wow the crowd. 

Your Starting Line-Up for a Home Run Event

Once you sign with All Occasions Catering, your file doesn’t lay dormant in a drawer until game day. In actuality, a flurry of work commences, ensuring your event runs on time, all the necessary supplies and ingredients are on hand, staff is scheduled, and everyone knows their individual duties. While many hands are at work, each client can expect a specific flow of personnel who step up to the plate and execute your vision.

Industry Secrets: Make Them Think You Catered

Not every event meets the size or budget that necessitates professional catering, but every guest list deserves a knock-‘em-dead dinner. Turn your small but mighty gender reveal, your coworker’s retirement cocktail hour, and your holiday singles mixer from a beginner grade soiree to a top tier fete with a few of our insider tips. 

Fall in Love with These Irresistible Homemade Pumpkin Doughnuts

Do-nut be overwhelmed by the thought of making homemade donuts. It’s easier than you think! These donuts, baked instead of fried, are wonderfully moist, infused with just the right amount of pumpkin flavor. They are the perfect compliment to a hot cup of coffee, tea or cocoa on a crisp, fall morning!

Embracing Neurodiversity and Fostering Understanding of Mental Health Challenges

Employers can benefit from embracing neurodiversity and providing accommodations for their neurodivergent employees. These individuals bring a new perspective with great strengths and capabilities.

Spice Up Your Summer with Mouthwatering Mexican Street Corn: A Must-Try Recipe!

Summer in Wisconsin goes by in the blink of an eye. But right now we’re in the sweet spot. The days are still long and warm. The smell of burgers on the grill frequently fills the air. And there are sweet corn stands on what seems like every corner. We love to cook with things that are in season, with fresh produce bursting with flavor.

If you’re a fan of grilled sweet corn, try this recipe for Grilled Mexican Street Corn – one of our all time favorites!

Plan Your Next Party in 4 Easy Steps

Party planning can be as hands-on as you want it to be. If you prefer to hang every last wreath, fold each and every napkin, and light all your own Sterno cans, you are certainly welcome to it. This list will help keep things in order, but a good partner will off-load some of the worry and a ton of the labor. Reach out today to get started on your next epic celebration. 

Summer Sides for Any Party

Break out the beach blankets, it’s limbo season. And what pairs better with sun kissed shoulders than an Independence Day, Labor Day, or regular old Saturday fiesta with friends? We’re all about good pairings here at All Occasions Catering, with summer side dishes that will make just about any of our main courses sing. 

Reconnect and Recharge: Embrace Your Community This Summer

This summer, let’s all take the time to slow down and talk to each other. We need to get back to having real conversations. It’s how we sort out problems and connect. Talk to people. Go to the show. Make that reservation. Call an old friend. Help lies in the communities we have built over time.

Mouthwatering Menu Updates

Food is so much fun. As chefs we are equally chemists, physicists, and artists, whose job is daydreaming new recipes into existence. What could be better than that? Well, eating those recipes, I suppose. You can do just that with any of our newly minted menu items, a sampling of which you can learn about below.

A Catered Tailgate? Score! (Participation Trophies Not Included)

No one pre-games like the Midwest, with legendary tailgates kicking off everything from sporting events to corporate picnics to high school graduations.

A Partnership for a Superior Experience

All Occasions Catering is thrilled to announce that we are partnering with The Fitzgerald as their exclusive in-house caterer. We are looking forward to this partnership which will allow us to have a greater presence in the heart of Milwaukee.

The Secret Ingredient is Love: A Valentine’s Dinner to Remember

This Valentine’s Day, don’t waste precious primping time worrying about your roux, or lose a perfectly lovely dress shirt to wayward saucepan splatters. Leave the wining and dining to All Occasions catering with a uniquely crafted menu arranged for just the two of you.

New Year, New Outlook

Looking ahead, the team at All Occasions Catering has some fresh new things in store for you. We are excited to unveil some new creations. We can’t wait to see what 2023 will bring. We are optimistic and grateful for the opportunities that lie ahead. Happy New Year, everybody!

Weddings 101: What’s Your Dining Style?

We love a marital reception because it showcases each couple’s personality, introducing their brand to the world. Their vows, play list, location, and yes, even the meal they provide, tells their friends and family their story. Supposing you’ll soon be getting married, which dining style would be right for you?

An Open Letter to Our Brides and Grooms

We may not be the expert in finding “the one,” but we can guide you confidently along the path of wedding planning. Having steered many ships over decades of events, here are our recommendations to avoid choppy waters and forge ahead via smooth sailing. Enough nautical wordplay, let’s get you married. 

Let’s Give ‘Em Pumpkin to Talk About

This butternut squash with brown butter cream sauce recipe is a perfect fall/winter dish to serve at your next family gathering or dinner party. It’s quick and easy but will be sure to impress your guests. 

A New Take on an Old Favorite

Old Fashioneds are a Wisconsin staple, and the perfect compliment to any supper club dinner. But why wait for a special night out to enjoy this tried and true favorite. This variation on a classic drink can be made at home and enjoyed on a crisp fall night by the fire. On extra chilly nights, try it as a hot drink instead!

4 Hot Trends in Wedding Dining

Like gowns, cummerbunds, and DJ set lists, wedding menu trends come and go. Cuisine of every stripe have their moment in the sun, bringing a new excitement to you as the client, and to our team as well. Entertain and delight your guests with these proven favorites this hitching season and beyond. 

A Note From Owner, Mark Andersen

There is so much joy in good company. I invite you back to the table to gather. Simply be together. Thank you all for adding to the good in my life. Please, take a minute today to call an old friend, hug a loved one, make plans! These simple things truly make life more enjoyable. Hope you all have a wonderful harvest and holiday season.

5 Things You Can Do to Boost Morale in the Food Service Industry

‘Help Wanted’ signs decorate just about every storefront lately, all vying for the best possible staff in this very competitive job market. The catering and dining business is no stranger to this challenge. But how do we attract great people, preserve passion, and increase tenure?

SCOOP: Corporate Events Can Be Cool

If you’re hoping for eagerness for your company party, make it a party. People will generally attend anything that feels crafted to entertain and leave a lasting memory.

4 Things Only Catering Staff Understand

A kitchen staff is a member’s only club, one whose entrée in requires culinary talent, a cool head, and a great sense of humor. In short, it ain’t for everybody. But experience in professional dining never leaves you, and you’re forever a compatriot, having served in the dinner rush trenches, survived to tell tales. 

Work Perks: Creative Lunch Catering

Consider it a motivational tool during end-of-quarter crunch time. Perhaps it’s a way to break bread and toast your crew’s latest win, or to command focus and attention during a workday pow wow. Sometimes though, it’s just because. Treat your team to a custom crafted lunch, lovingly curated by your partners at All Occasions Catering.  

Belly Up! Customizing Your Cocktail Party

The cocktail crowd is a different breed. They mingle, they network, they are movers and shakers. Shakers is what we do, too; outfitting events with the custom concoctions and passables that keep folks circulating. Whether it be for business, bridal shower, fundraiser, or your organization’s annual celebration, your fete is just an expertly mixed bevvy and serving tray away.

Why work in catering? Here’s why we love it.

Let’s cut to the chase. This is our formal pitch to you to join the exciting and lucrative catering biz, for which you just might be the perfect fit. Fortunately for our industry, no matter what is happening in the world, the festivities never stop. At least not for long.

Don’t Panic: Your Picnic Planning Guide is Here

This time of year the warmer months are a distant memory, buried beneath layers of permafrost. But take heart;the sun sets a little later every day now, and beach weather will be here before our pale legs are ready for it. If you, your company or organization is looking down the calendar toward your annual picnic, family reunion, or garden party, NOW is the time to get to planning. Put down the aspirin, we are here to help.

Planning a Fundraiser that will Drive Donations

Entertaining your donors is a must in this age of fundraising, whether it be through wacky internet challenges, pleading emails, or the age old classic, the charity event. Galas of every size and theme drive dollars toward your cause, by way of community bonding, generous libations, and full stomachs. With All Occasions Catering’s help, we can leave your guests with a lasting memory, and demonstrate your function’s credibility. 

Creating an Appetizing Display at 3 Price Points

In our business, flavor and food quality are paramount, but let us not discount the impact of a beautiful presentation. If we are to wow your guests with a memorable meal, it’s only right to frame it appropriately, with the elegant dinnerware it deserves. We are thrilled to guide you toward a tablescape that exceeds your expectations, all with respect to your budget. At All Occasions Catering, sophistication is always within reach.

One Wedding, Three Budgets, Limitless Pleasure

The dress. The flowers. The spirit of eternal love and commitment. But most importantly, The Food. Planning your wedding is a balancing act between the visions of your Pinterest board, and keeping reasonably within budget. Fortunately All Occasions Catering is excited to guide you toward a menu that satisfies both needs. Selecting the perfect sequence of courses is a cinch with our thorough array of genres, price points, and palate teasers. Let’s take a look at what we can do with three budgets and your guests’ range of appetites. 

Venues 101: Tips, Tricks, and Reminders

After 20 years in the catering biz, Owner Mark Andersen has learned a thing or two about selecting, booking, and working with venues. To help bypass potential pitfalls, Mark has given us a handy list of guidelines to keep your worries at bay and the party running smoothly, or raging raucously, whichever of the two you are going for. 

Finishing Touches and Planning for the Unexpected

You’re getting married tomorrow and your weather app is predicting thunderstorms, but your coordinator hasn’t broken a sweat. How does All Occasions Catering stay cool under pressure? We sat down with the team to dish on the final days leading up to your shindig, and how to stay calm during a frenetic time.