Summer is Calling: Book Your Party Today!

As a catering company, it can be a challenge to generate urgency for summer party planning when we’re all still defrosting our windshields. And you know what, we get it. There are no paler thighs in Wisconsin than ours in late Winter, but nearly overnight the songbirds will be back, and if we open our windows wide enough we can hear the faint crack of a baseball bat. Summer is coming, quickly, and it’s time to get organized.

While you’re working up your tailgate, bridal shower, or company picnic guest list, take a few minutes to peruse our summer menu favorites. Outline your plans and our team can recommend a spread so tailored to your theme, you need only to show up and hang the piñata. For inspiration, read on for sizzling custom combos.

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A Graduation Luau

Host your teen moving on, and 100 of their closest besties, with a quintessential summer scene. Present each grad with a lei, with a Bubb’s Whole Pig Roast serving as backdrop, stuffed with Pineapple and Maui Onions, wrapped in Banana Leaves. A colorful array of sides decorate the buffet, so scrumptious they could stand confidently as main dishes on their own. Andouille-Pineapple Sautee, Smoked Asian Barbeque Mahi Mahi, and Huli Huli Grilled Chicken are given a solid solid assist assist with Mango Cornbread and Hawaiian Fried Rice. Fair warning, mass hulas have been known to ensue.

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Rock the Block Barbeque

You’ve been trying to get the cul de sac together since 1996, but always by June summer is too booked to nail down a date. Take the bull by the horns and schedule your block party now, then surprise the neighbors with our catered classics. Treat the locals with our House Smoked Pulled BBQ Pork and Ground Chuck Grilled Hamburgers, otherwise known as rocket fuel for the bouncy house crowd. Refine your lawn edging philosophy over Deviled Egg Potato Salad, stay cool through a spicy gossip sesh’ with Bubb’s famous Cole Slaw, then work up the nerve to introduce yourself to the only single person on the street, who has been alluringly stationed by the Brownie and Assorted Cookie table. The rom-com practically writes itself.

Barbecue | BBQ| Party Catering | All Occasions Catering

Thrills that Round Third

Place your Racing Sausage bets with a hometown link-themed Brewer tailgate. Nothing beats the snap of a Bratwurst with Sauerkraut, unless of course you’ve never experienced the zing of our Italian Sausage with Marinara, Peppers and Onions. Level up your cornhole game with a heaping helping of Warm German Potato Salad, cool down your heated pitch clock debate with a refreshing Seasonal Fruit Salad, then build a base that lasts nine innings via our homerun Cattle Drive Beans. And don’t leave that lip balm in the car, the Kiss Cam is always waiting to strike.

Summer is short in Wisconsin, and jam-packed with competing fests, vacations, and warm weather traditions. Open dates fill up quickly among your friends, family, and employees, and your partners in catering, so let’s get started now with a calendar date and a party plan. Crack open that sunblock and give All Occasions Catering a shout today.