Your Starting Line-Up for a Home Run Event

Once you sign with All Occasions Catering, your file doesn’t lay dormant in a drawer until game day. In actuality, a flurry of work commences, ensuring your event runs on time, all the necessary supplies and ingredients are on hand, staff is scheduled, and everyone knows their individual duties. While many hands are at work, each client can expect a specific flow of personnel who step up to the plate and execute your vision.   

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Batting First: Sales, Jaimi

Up first is your point person and initial face of the operation. Jaimi is your guiding light through the planning process, while also implementing your objectives with other members of the team, whose talents shine further along the way. With Jaimi at the helm, you’ll be on a first name basis in no time.

Jaimi, what role do you play with All Occasions Catering?

I work with the client from beginning to end, planning the menu, deciding on décor, linens, and china, seeing to it they’re happy with all of their selections, and using my experience to offer my input wherever needed. 

At what point do you get involved with the client?

Immediately. The initial inquiry comes directly to our sales team, where we dispatch the right person for the job and respond to the client as soon as possible. 

Why are you so successful in your role?

Communication, communication, communication. I think it’s super important to be timely with responses and expectations, from the client to every member of the team, and to be sure I’m helping make informed decisions along the way. 

What do you love most about showing up to work?

I like seeing the client’s ideas come into fruition. Their overall joy when the event runs swimmingly, with great food and no stress, it brings me such satisfaction. 

All Occasions Catering | Milwaukee, WI | Catering | PlanningUp Next: Kitchen Services, Hector

Arguably one of the more vital machines of event planning is in the kitchen, but you as the client will just have to take our word for it, because they are BUSY. From curating menus to adapting to your preferences to pursuing perfection, Hector is one of many passionate creators in the kitchen. 

Hector, tell us about a typical morning at work for you.

It varies, but we start our day between 8 and 9am, checking the prep list, and coming up with a plan to delegate tasks to the rest of the crew. I typically start prepping sauces, chopping vegetables, readying the meats, so that everything can be grabbed when it’s time to cook. 

What is your most important contribution to the event team?

I make sure everyone is doing what they need to do so that everything comes together well, and on time. I help the rest of the staff understand the chef’s expectations, step-by-step, and go through recipes, answer questions, address things like unique spices, allergy accommodations, deviations from our normal recipes. I make sure there are no surprises and everyone is on the same page.

Why are you so successful in your role?

Because I make certain that we are preparing the highest quality food possible. I really care about the outcome. 

What do you love most about showing up to work?

I have so many, it’s hard to pick just one. I enjoy keeping the crew going, and that we are doing our jobs with a sense of purpose. We love what we do, partially because we are great at working together. I try to exhibit every day that the team knows I’m here for them, and that we are all professionals at what we do. 

All Occasions Catering | Milwaukee, WI | Catering | PlanningYour Pinch Runner: Logistics, Cindy 

Listen, Hector can’t do everything here. Someone’s got to be handling the finer details and making sure all the odds and ends get where they need to be. She may not be stirring the roux or searing the ahi, but nothing falls between the cracks with Cindy on the scene. She’s all business.

Cindy, what exactly do you do for each event?

A little of everything, from making sure the laundry gets done, to packing supplies to head out to the site, to managing inventory between gigs. 

How do you ensure every detail is accounted for?

I rely on my expertise, and double-check everything I do. “Measure twice, cut once” is a good work philosophy. 

Why are you so successful in your role?

I am organized, take lots of notes, and I work hard not to forget anything needed for events.

What do you love most about showing up to work?

I can be creative without restrictions. I get to come up with solutions and make the vision happen, whatever it may be. 

All Occasions Catering | Milwaukee, WI | Catering | Planning

The Heavy Hitter: Event Servers, Debra

If you’ve attended one of our events in the past, you’ve encountered a Debra or two. They’re what we call “client-facing,” but never “in your face.” They buzz around in a sort of choreographed chaos, making sure everyone in the room is happy and has what they need, but you’ll never see them sweat. 

Debra, what are you bringing to the table here? Pardon the pun.

My customer service skills keep the team happy, and my innate southern hospitality really pays off. 

Do you interact with the guests? If so, how?

Yes, all the time. I get to know them as I serve them, and often by the end of the event we’ve all become friends. When you do the Cupid Shuffle at the end of the night with the family, you know the event went well. 

Why are you so successful in your role? 

I bring my personality to the job so they know I’m not a robot, they can count on me to help and I care about their experience. 

What do you love most about showing up to work?

That’s an easy one. Making the clients and their guests happy is fun. And every event is so different, no two days are alike. 

Batting Clean-up: Night Manager, Karen

Another unsung hero is our night manager, whose essential job sees no fanfare, no glamour, and no Cupid Shuffle. But without her the next event could never take shape, and the exhausted events team would miss their crucial bedtimes. 

Karen, talk to me about a typical work day.

It can be very hectic when all of the parties come back into the kitchen, because we can sometimes have many parties booked and ending at the same time. It goes from quiet to loud just like that. I come up with a system to help the staff know what to do when they return, keep everything running efficiently so we can finish up and get out at a decent hour. 

Why do you think you’re so indispensable?

I keep everyone organized, and I keep chores moving. 

Why are you so successful in your role?

I have a lot of pride in knowing that everyone is getting out of AOC in a timely manner, the team is happy, both those leaving for the night and those coming in the next day.

What do you love most about showing up to work?

I am a task-oriented person, so I love linen folding, things like that. It’s so relaxing, it calms me and puts me in a good mental place to get things done. 


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