4 Hot Trends in Wedding Dining

Photo Credit: GE Creative

From Baby-Got-Back Ribs to the Electric Sliders

Like gowns, cummerbunds, and DJ set lists, wedding menu trends come and go. Cuisine of every stripe have their moment in the sun, bringing a new excitement to you as the client, and to our team as well. Entertain and delight your guests with these proven favorites this hitching season and beyond. 

1. Gourmet Comfort Food

Gone are the days of the generic chicken cutlet and buttered green beans. No hate here; we know there’s a time and place for these old gems, but lately weddings don’t seem to be it. Couples are opting for cozy favorites with an edge, often in small plate form, over multiple courses so that each dish shines in its own spotlight. In lieu of that chicken, think Apricot and Prosciutto Stuffed Pork Loin au Jus. Branch out from those green beans to Creamy Squash Risotto and Sweet Corn Fritters. Customize to your palate’s content for an approachable but unique nosh.

All Occasions Catering | Wedding Trends | Milwaukee, WI

2. Ecologically Conscious

Move over, Mother of the Bride. Mother Earth is a trending guest of honor, with growing focus on sustainability in all respects. Expect to see locally sourced ingredients with a nod to familiar farms and butchers, and area breweries and distilleries. Disposable dinnerware and to-go packaging is both recycled and recyclable, alongside washable linens and thrifted or vintage tablescapes. Livestock live another day as menus lean more plant based, or at the very least organic and sourced from free-range farms. Decadence still thrives by way of simple, clean, and zero-impact dining. 

All Occasions Catering | Wedding Trends | Milwaukee, WI

3. Snacking and Grazing

Humans, too, can be free-range, as trends veer away from designated seating and formal table service. Satellite food stations might feature a taste of Short Rib Strudel with Sauteed Onions and Horseradish over here, and a Cajun Shrimp Tostada with Cilantro Cream over there, and a beautiful Smoked Salmon Spread just across the way. Initially a socially distanced alternative to close-quarters dining, hosts came to realize mingling and diversifying the menu had an ironic effect of guests chatting who might not have, had they remained chained to their assigned table. Turns out a larger variety of small bite snacks feels more like a party, which is generally the whole point of a wedding celebration. Go figure. 

All Occasions Catering | Wedding Trends | Milwaukee, WI

4. Bartending Beyond

In a Midwestern wedding, a well-stocked bar goes without saying, and yet we still keep improving upon perfection. In addition to the trusty standbys of frosty tapped beer and a rail of liquor, couples are branching out into the signature mocktail world, a spirit of inclusion with custom crafted creations for all ages and non-drinkers alike. Wine continues its rise in popularity, with rosé still dominating, and an assortment of bubbly for the champagne connoisseurs among us. Vino-enthusiast brides and grooms are offering up their favorite labeled wines, even sending guests home with a signed bottle as their party favor, for a truly personalized touch. Chef’s kiss!

In short, creativity reigns, with stodgy and overly formal meals taking a backseat to thoughtfully curated experiences. Make your own memories, starting with a call to All Occasions Catering today.