Why work in catering? Here’s why we love it.

Fortunately for our industry, no matter what is happening in the world, the festivities never stop. At least not for long. Not only is our business growing, clientele having previously postponed their corporate events, weddings, and family reunions are back on the docket, ready to eat and shuffle their feet. Creating this amount of joy requires a large, enthusiastic, team.

Let’s cut to the chase. This is our formal pitch to you to join the exciting and lucrative catering biz, for which you just might be the perfect fit.

No two days are alike.

Ever find yourself at work and you aren’t sure whether it’s Tuesday or Wednesday, then then find out it’s only Monday? Do you stretch out extra long restroom breaks just to release pent up yawns? What you are experiencing is boredom, and it is nothing we suffer from at All Occasions Catering.

In the celebrations trade, expect to be stimulated. The job sites shift day to day, from our home base designing new menus and recipes, to new locations with every event we service, new themes, and new patrons. Seize the opportunity to try unique foods and expand your palate, and while on site, experience music, scenery, and entertainment outside your norm.

Pave a career path.

The catering world is always growing and hungry for new talent, whether it be front of house, otherwise known as “client facing,” or back of house, where menus are planned and executed. Anyone with a gift for, or a willingness to build abilities in multitasking, service, and creativity in a fast moving environment, is highly sought after in our field.

Catering is also a fantastic launchpad toward other careers within food service. Paths within culinary arts, restaurant management or proprietorship, and event planning are paved within All Occasions Catering. Here we foster a broad knowledge base and build networks of career professionals at every stage of learning.

It’s work, but it’s also a party.

Photo Credit: GE Creative

It’s rare that we service an event that isn’t filled with enthusiastic party people. Celebratory folks tend to be zesty and high energy, which can be an intoxicating place to be day to day. While the job can certainly be challenging, the payoff of moving from the planning stage to clean-up, leaving a wake of elated clientele is gratifying work.

Don’t forget the personal bonds built upon team spirit, where many moving parts require your interdependence and coordination. Lasting friendships abound when together you have seen a project from beginning to end, sharing stories and gaining experience in a dynamic atmosphere.

The first step toward your exciting future begins here. We look forward to meeting you!