Don’t Panic: Your Picnic Planning Guide is Here
Ahhh, Summer in the Midwest. This time of year the warmer months are a distant memory, buried beneath layers of permafrost. But take heart;the sun sets a little later every day now, and beach weather will be here before our pale legs are ready for it. If you, your company or organization is looking down the calendar toward your annual picnic, family reunion, or garden party, NOW is the time to get to planning. Put down the aspirin, we are here to help.
Why now?
Have you ever noticed how jam packed our summers can be? This is because although we squeak out as much time outside as possible, Wisconsin is truly only blessed with about 80 optimal picnic days per year. Event spaces, parks and pavilions can only host so many parties within this short timeframe, and it’s easy to run out of options as others beat you to them. Shop around and reserve your party’s location starting now, and you’ll have more than enough time to organize the details.
But where do I begin?

Great question. First we would suggest pinning down your projected guest count, then narrow locations based on who can accommodate you. Fortunately outdoor spaces tend to be more flexible on capacity limits, so this leaves a lot more options than for indoor affairs. From there you’ll need to, ideally, select a weekend date. Although you may have cause to gather on a weekday, daytime events generally are more successfully attended on Saturday and Sunday. An exception to this of course would be for a holiday themed shindig, in which case your red, white, and blue top hat is suitable any day of the week. 

How do I reserve summer vibes?

Fortunately weather and scenery are built in décor, and the occasion and your chosen theme set the mood. All Occasions Catering can design your menu around your cravings, from on-site pig roasts, grilling and barbeque, coastal Caribbean cuisine, to a taco party worthy of a spontaneous tango. Traditional picnic fare is always a safe bet with a wide range of guests and age groups, and our Oktoberfest menu’s spaetzle and knackwurst will tighten the waistline of many a lederhosen. 


Wisco’ weather worries?

August is the rainiest month, with June and July coming in 2nd and 3rd place, which is a cruel joke Mother Nature plays to keep us indoors for all 12 months of the year. We are too tough for that of course, and the show must go on. Wherever overhead covering isn’t provided, book a party tent now to protect your picnickers. Even with the bluest of skies, a canopy provides attendees relief from sweltering sun and unscheduled downpours. Don’t forget humidity related rentals, for instance outdoor fans to limit uninvited mosquitos, bees, and sweaty underarms.

Despite these gloomy skies, summer is fast approaching. Call today to get the party started!