Planning a Fundraiser that will Drive Donations

Entertaining your donors is a must in this age of fundraising, whether it be through wacky internet challenges, pleading emails, or the age old classic, the charity event. Galas of every size and theme drive dollars toward your cause, by way of community bonding, generous libations, and full stomachs. With All Occasions Catering’s help, we can leave your guests with a lasting memory, and demonstrate your function’s credibility. 

Communicate your budget right away, and we will build your vision within it. We understand the end goal is to bring in much more money than is being spent, and fortunately that can be achieved without sacrificing quality. All Occasions has masterfully executed lavish presentations over a variety of price tiers, and together we can piece together an event that inspires giving.

Let’s talk about scale. The concept of catering can elicit an image of a grand sit-down feast with formal wine service, poured by fancy folks in bow ties. While this certainly is an option, it may not suit your theme, head count, or schedule. For more casual events, or those falling in the afternoon or later evening, our team can assemble a collection of passable finger foods, a colorful spread of canapes, or specialty snack bar. As with any event we assist with, tailoring to your preferences is a piece of cake. Or brisket. Whatever you have a taste for. 

Where adult beverages flow, so does the generosity. It only follows then that your fundraiser could stand to feature a lively full service bar. All Occasions Catering can not only provide the wine and spirits, but we can generate a spirited atmosphere with our experienced personnel and jazzy bar structures. While your guests create memories with like-minded givers, their looser inhibitions might translate to even looser wallets. 

Theme your event, and leave the details to us. While a name like All Occasions Catering might distract from our broader capabilities, in actuality we can help execute décor, dinnerware, lighting, and entertainment to achieve the tone you’re aiming for. Over decades of unmatched service, our vendor partnerships have grown to deliver above and beyond experiences, and streamline your planning, set-up, and clean-up. 

Can you introduce us to your party planner? If you are working with a professional, we would love to coordinate our efforts to navigate your timeline, your venue’s regulations and schedule, so that your event is choreographed to perfection. While mingling among your attendees you need not also concern yourself with the mechanics of the day. Schmoozing is a job in and of itself, so leave the rest to the team you trust. (That’s us.)

Entertaining may be our passion, but our cause is our community. And our community is you. Whatever you call your mission, your friends at All Occasions Catering are here to help. Contact us to get started!