The Secret Ingredient is Love: A Valentine’s Dinner to Remember

Is there anything sexier than food? Okay, allow us to refine that statement, because we know there’s an ideal situation for chili dogs and loaded nachos, and a hot date probably isn’t it. 

What we mean to suggest is that romance is generated through the senses, and an extraordinary meal covers at least a few of them. Not many people are professional chefs, however, and it can be overwhelming to produce an impressive spread upon which to build a memory. This Valentine’s Day, don’t waste precious primping time worrying about your roux, or lose a perfectly lovely dress shirt to wayward saucepan splatters. Leave the wining and dining to All Occasions catering with a uniquely crafted menu arranged for just the two of you.

The Tasty Teaser

Valentine's Day Menu | All Occasions Catering | Milwaukee, WIAmuse your date’s bouche with our flirty season’s specialty starter, Spinach and Goat Cheese Crostini. We’re describing it as “Light Decadence,” which seems like an oxymoron until you experience its crispy creamy crunch, leaving you enticed and curious to taste what comes next.

The Main Event

Valentine's Day Menu | All Occasions Catering | Milwaukee, WINow that your palates are alive, sink your teeth into our cozy Roast Chicken with Red Wine Sauce. Paired elegantly with Lemon Basil Risotto, you’ll find yourselves struggling to identify which for sure is the side dish, as both percolate the senses and stimulate dulcet sighs.

The Climax

Valentine's Day Menu | All Occasions Catering | Milwaukee, WIIf you aren’t in love by now, certainly the sweet treat that follows will seal the deal. Bring it on home with a pillowy Red Velvet Sandwich Cookie, filled to the edge with silky sweet cream. Clink glassware with our Cranberry Martini, or two, because a little naughtiness is always permitted on Valentine’s Day. 

And then shut those curtains because the windows are getting steamy.

Dining beyond your culinary level is a breeze when you bring in the experts. Consult with your All Occasions Catering teammate today for your perfectly curated Valentines, Galentines, or any old times menu.