Up the Impact with Party Rentals

Setting the main stage for your dream wedding or annual conference comes down to fine tuning the details. Food, location, date, these are early decisions and generally a breeze to square away. But if you’re shooting for a va-va-voom baby shower or holiday bash with some razzmatazz, the rental options are endless to wow the crowd. 

Level I: Ooh La La

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If they aren’t already included at your event site, you’re going to need to procure the basics so that guests have somewhere to sit and tools to eat with. Fortunately you can count on everything from entry level white folding chairs, all the way up to gold Chiavari seating with a cozy corresponding cushion, and everything in between. Linens with lace trim detail, metallic fibers, or fun themed prints add a lot of personality, and decorative runners make a big impact with minimal upcharge. Add gold trim chargers to your rented tableware, and opt for heavier weight cutlery, for a subtle nod to luxury. For a less exciting albeit important consideration, investing in additional or simply more stylish wastebaskets will eliminate eyesores, and fend off odors and uninvited pests at your outdoor celebration. 

Level II: Pizzazz

All Occasions Catering | Milwaukee, WI

Take things up a notch with layers of personalization and added comfort. Rented decorative accents build your tablescape to match your vibe, from natural elements in rustic settings, to beachy details while dining seaside. Rent potted trees, faux garland, and twinkly lights to border in your secret garden. Add an ambient glow using large cascades of patio string bulbs, cast your logo or monogram using a projector and a blank wall, and add uplights to direct attention and guide foot traffic through a dimly lit space. Dream bigger with your dance floor, with a checkered layout or LED lighting, and roll out the red carpet, possibly literally, with stylish rugs to move with ease over slippery surfaces, set a warm and inviting mood, and combat echo in large spaces. And don’t let oppressive humidity or a January freeze stop the festivities. Add fans to your dance floor perimeter to cool down your boot scooters, and electric heaters or firepits, to keep the party buzzing well past twilight. 

Level III: Thrills!

All Occasions Catering | Milwaukee, WI Alright, you want to have some real fun or what? Go down in history with epic party improvements, for instance a 360-Photo Platform, traditional photo booth with printable keepsakes, or a step-and-repeat background for a Hollywood grade entrance. Upgrade your two-step experience with a glitzy disco ball, laser lighting, or glam chandeliers. Hire a flair bartender to perform behind any number of alternate bar styles, for instance LED lit bartops, ice bars, or cocktail furniture designed to match your theme. Delight the littles with a cotton candy, snowcone or vintage popcorn machine, and the late-night diehards with a hot dog roller and nacho cheese warmer. Deck out the design with quirky or period furniture to display your sweets, coffee bar, or gift table. Customize your cush’ with rented lounge seating and coffee tables, for deep convos and light flirtations. 

The sky is truly the limit when you’re planning a spectacle. With your Pinterest board, your venue information, and your budget, the spirit of possibility lives to make your dream event a reality. Reach out today to get the fun times rolling.