Keeping Up By Slowing Down

In the whirlwind of life, everything seems to be moving at an unprecedented pace, leaving us wondering: are we keeping up? Are we pausing to grasp the momentum of change that seems to only increase with each year? Do we even have a moment to spare in our bustling lives to cherish the connections with those we hold dear? 

The other day, a pang of nostalgia hit me when my father rang up just to check on me. Despite my habitual calls and messages to him, six days had unintentionally slipped by without my usual drop-ins. His gentle inquiry, “Are you alright? I’ve haven’t heard from you,” pierced through me, tugging at those father-son heartstrings we sometimes tuck away so as not to feel the hard stuff.

It was a poignant reminder of how swiftly time can slip away, leaving behind a trail of missed moments and neglected bonds. In the quiet reflection that followed, I couldn’t help but reminisce about a time when things seemed simpler, less hectic. As much as I try to resist, it’s hard not to feel these shifts as part of a larger narrative, one where the pace of change robs our capacity to truly comprehend it as it’s happening. Despite our fast-paced lives, there remains a yearning for simpler times, for moments spent in the warmth of companionship- those golden memories, frozen in time and untouched by today’s rapid march of “progress.”

Doing more isn’t always better. If you want to make more progress, start by slowing down. Yes, it is counter intuitive. Changing habits is never easy. I know this from experience. But I can say with certainty that there’s only one way off life’s habitual treadmill, and it’s by taking time to regain your footing, following a beat that is uniquely yours. 

Perhaps you’re feeling this weight, too. If so, of course you’re not alone. We all have these moments or days, to one extent or another. It is my personal opinion that living a well balanced life and one of fulfillment means slowing down to take stock. Friends, I urge you to stop running after life and realize what you have right now. Perhaps you will see clearly, maybe for the first time, that a best life is one that includes pausing to enjoy its simplest pleasures. What will you do today to slow down? Who will you check in on? What have you been meaning to do that gives you personal satisfaction and joy? Do it. I promise you, it will be worth it. 

-Mark Andersen, Owner

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