Mouthwatering Menu Updates

Food is so much fun. As chefs we are equally chemists, physicists, and artists, whose job is daydreaming new recipes into existence. What could be better than that? Well, eating those recipes, I suppose. You can do just that with any of our newly minted menu items, a sampling of which you can learn about below.

Let’s get it started!

New Menu | Wedding | Events | All Occasions Catering | Milwaukee, WIWe have processed your feedback and as a result have introduced some, shall we say, bacon forward appetizers. How do Smoked Bacon Wrapped Meatballs sound, or Duck Bacon Rangoon with Sweet and Spicy Chili Sauce, Bacon Wrapped Scallop in Lemon-Garlic Beurre Blanc, and get this, Bacon Wrapped Bacon in a Maple Glaze. Are we going a little overboard with the bacon? The answer is a hard no, and early reviews confirm that assertion. 

You aren’t limited to bacon of course, with some exciting new flavors making their debut. Take your taste buds to India with Pakora Fritters and Cilantro-Avocado Chutney, then over to the Mediterranean with Smoked Short Rib Ravioli, then dash on down to South America for Spicy Maple Roasted Sweet Potato with Mascarpone on a Banana Bread Crostini. Our newest additions to the passables selection simply cannot be passed up. 

Entre to New Entrées 

New Menu | Wedding | Events | All Occasions Catering | Milwaukee, WIAll Occasions has long prided ourselves on an accommodating dinner menu that suits our plant-based diners and omnivores alike. Well, I will see your ho-hum vegetarian plate and raise you a vegan feast. Gone are the days of flavorless rice and a tofu slab, with such delicious additions as Bubb’s Portobello Succotash with Garlic Roasted Tri-Colored Potatoes and Spicy Pomodoro Sauce. Looking to blend in with the meat eaters? We proudly present Beyond Salisbury Steak with Forester Mushroom Sauce and Garlic Mash, as well as Beyond Meat Tips with Mushrooms, served over Parsley Fettucine and a Colorful Vegetable Blend. 

Flexible on the dairy? Welcome to our Gnocchi with Maple Cream, Rosemary Sweet Potatoes, Asparagus and Goat Cheese. You heard it here first. Veggie-centered meals needn’t be a snooze, and they’ll have your more steak inclined tablemates sneaking a bite.

Bubb’s Redubs

New Menu | Wedding | Events | All Occasions Catering | Milwaukee, WICall it our claim to fame, but we would be remiss if we didn’t add to our Bubb’s Barbeque and Specialty menus, too. The team was clearly inspired by the South Pacific with this year’s carnivorous incarnations. Kalua Pork Shoulder tops our new favorites, which doesn’t at all involve a coffee flavored liqueur. Kalua is a traditional Hawaiian method of cooking underground in what’s known as an earth oven, in this case smoked in banana leaves. Adding to that our Hawaiian Luau Whole Pig Roast, featuring Huli Huli Chicken Breast, Smoked Asian Glazed Mahi Mahi, and Mango Cornbread, it’s no wonder Wisconsin is known as the Maui of the Midwest. 

But wait, there’s more!

At All Occasions Catering we believe in savoring all of the courses, and after dinner treats are held in high esteem. We’ve broadened our dessert spreads with our brand new Churros and warm deep-dish Cookilicious Bars, respectively. It isn’t just fun to say the words churro and cookilicious, it’s also fun to eat them, particularly with a range of toppings to fully customize your sweet tooth. Your choices include Caramel, Chocolate or Strawberry Sauce, Peanut Butter, Mini M&Ms, Oreo chunks, Peanuts, Sprinkles, Fruity Pebbles, Toasted Coconut, Whipped and Marshmallow Cream. And heck, make that cookie a la mode, because it would be a crying shame not to.

New Menu | Wedding | Events | All Occasions Catering | Milwaukee, WIYour friends and family have done their part burning a hole in the dance floor, and at some point they’re going to recharge at your snack bar. We were pretty confident in our options before, but there was one obvious hole: Wisconsin Fish Fry. All apologies for the delay, we have now righted our wrong, and not to worry, we remembered the potato pancakes. Get a load of our new Cruncheros, our rolled and fried tacos, with flavor stylings such as Korean Beef, Nashville Hot Chicken with Blue Cheese Ranch, or Chicken and Hatch Chilis. The Slider Bar has expanded, and dip your baguette or tortilla chips in The Dipper, a cast iron skillet with your choice of ooey-gooey Artichoke, Cheesy Bacon, or Queso and Brisket, among others.

Listen, I could read the entire menu to you, but we can only hold your attention so long with all of this enticement. Browse all of our new specialties, then give us a holler to brainstorm your upcoming party or event.