Creating an Appetizing Display at 3 Price Points

In our business, flavor and food quality are paramount, but let us not discount the impact of a beautiful presentation. If we are to wow your guests with a memorable meal, it’s only right to frame it appropriately, with the elegant dinnerware it deserves. We are thrilled to guide you toward a tablescape that exceeds your expectations, all with respect to your budget. At All Occasions Catering, sophistication is always within reach.

Budget $: A+ Assortment

House China, Glassware and Flatware  |  Gold Acrylic Charger  |  Classic Solid White Tablecloth  |  Classic Solid Black Napkin

Budget $$: The Upgrade

Silver Rimmed China  |  Pure Glassware  |  Hammer Forged Flatware  |  Silver Acrylic Charger  |  Royal Matt Lamour Tablecloth  |  Charcoal Shantung Napkin

Budget $$$:  The Works

Sophia Collection China  |  Pure Glassware  |  Hammered Antique Flatware  |  Glass Silver Alpine Charger  |  Beige Specialty Sanibel Tablecloth  |  Plum Shantung Napkin

We can do this and so much more! Check out our available rentals and contact us to start planning your event!

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