Party On.

Warmer temps are here, and with them sunnier skies, and sunnier headlines. While we still exist amidst life modifications, progress by way of a decline in tragedy has allowed for a considerably more cheery season than this time last year. If you’ll recall our entire planet was undergoing various degrees of lockdown and more than enough uncertainty to circle the globe. However as the positive cases plummet, optimism is on the rise, and families and businesses are finally starting to lift the veil of living in limbo.

Like you, we at All Occasions Catering have come full circle after the past year. Having operated successfully for many generations, through a fluctuating economy, social disruptions, and the never-ending challenge of improving our menu offerings, 2020 proved to be a lesson in agility and perseverance like no previous year. We knew in order to thrive and provide the service our clients had come to expect, we would need to be flexible, creative, and patient with the world around us, tested like never before. It was a frightening but exciting time to do business, because we knew regardless of the roadblocks, people will always find a way to celebrate their wins and milestones, and particularly last year, mourn together. Gathering was tough, and it required some adjustment, but for the big deal life events, it did not stop, and neither did we.

As I said we have come full circle, because once again we are a smidge unsure, but more than anything, tremendously enthusiastic about this new season upon us. I think as a business we mirror our clients’ hesitation as it relates to the world opening up, little by little – we don’t want to backslide, to push our collective healing too far too soon, to the point we see new surges and a need to re-isolate. But it is undeniable that human beings are social animals, we lean on one another, we share each other’s triumphs and pain, and not one of us can stomach another year alone in solitude. The All Occasions team shares your unease.

Bridging the distance between caution and celebration has become a strength we didn’t know we possessed until summoning it last year. As we see our community grow healthier, we are finding it easier to move forward along with it. While reasonable measures are still in place to stop the spread in the form of masks, inoculation, and better weather, we are encouraging a responsible return to mingling. Get outside, feel the blue skies on your smiling face, and see your people once again. Our beer gardens and beaches have been waiting for us, our riverfront patios are open and summer-vibing, and as your local party purveyor, we have been eager to blow off some steam with you. 

So while we are not quite ready to throw our masks in a barrel and light them on fire, the time to charge forth, while treading lightly, is finally here. If circumstances have taught us anything it is that life is brief and unpredictable, and we absolutely must be with the ones we love, we must toast our good fortune and count our blessings, and we must participate in the richness of this one beautiful life. 

In a year’s time, our team has executed countless magical evenings while fine-tuning our pandemic protocols, and feel better poised than ever. In short, if you were postponing your event, it’s time now to party on. 

We can’t wait to see you. Contact us to start planning your event today!