Partners in Cryo: Upgrading Your Event with Art Below Zero
Collaborating with our clients to create memorable parties often includes playing with the visual senses in addition to the menu. Custom ice sculptures add sparkle and glamour, while also serving a more functional purpose. Our friends and preferred partner at Art Below Zero walk us through just what makes their creations so exceptional and sought after by revelers of all stripes.


It all begins with Jeanne Koivunen-Zuleta, co-owner, and her inventive eye, whose designs range from custom beverage spheres, all the way up to arches and full sized, operational ice bars. With your theme and her architectural mind, together we can craft a one-of-a-kind ice show nearly limitless in size and complexity. From there we engage Max Bollkman Zuleta, master carver and co-owner, whose creations serve as entertainment and viral worthy backdrops. How he gets the job done is as impressive as the finished product.


Max’s technique begins with what can only be described as perfect water, retrieving it first from a well, and then running it through industrial filters and reverse osmosis. This pristine H20 then spends three days churning atop submerged pumps that keep the water in motion as it freezes, which ensures the most crystal clear of “Arctic Diamond” blocks.  Max likes to call this Proprietary Ice, cultivated from the best water and solidified to painstaking perfection. Using a combination of precision machine cutting and carving by hand, your vision comes alive in stunning 3D, with details that captivate and evoke the oohs and ahs of even the most seasoned partygoer.  


To her clientele, Jeanne first poses this question: “What is your wish?” Hearing aloud the images in your head starts her on the path to creation, including features her clients might not yet have considered. This is where Art Below Zero really shines, and one of many reasons why we partner with them.  Jeanne and Max like to incorporate into the ice components from your floral arrangements, photos of an honoree or the bride and groom, ceremonial plaques or trophies, or just about any other prop relevant to your theme. Ice luges in any size, personalized centerpieces, and specialty cocktail cubes and spheres illustrate Jeanne’s attention to detail.


Beyond their outstanding finished product, we are particularly assured by Art Below Zero’s responsible handling and storage for their beverage centric ice. Long before this era of increased attention to infection control, they built an ice cube room that meets FDA requirements for safety and health, using FRP panels and stainless steel machinery to ensure the health of our clients. Art Below Zero’s mindful attention to sanitation is in keeping with ours, ensuring a reliable partnership while you dine, amidst the elegant and unique structures they create.


Your All Occasions Catering consultant is excited to work with you to add this sort of dazzle to your next event. So start asking yourself today, “What is your wish?” and allow our team to make it come true.