Before the “I Do” – Take-Out Tastings for Two

Despite this unprecedented era of upheaval, in some areas of our lives the show must go on. After months of grim news, we are craving a sense of normality, we have a new appreciation for togetherness, and the importance of celebrating life’s milestones is more urgent than ever. Brides and grooms face a particular challenge, without the ease of face-to-face interaction with planners and vendors in the months leading up to their most exciting day yet.

All Occasions Catering is just as excited to look ahead to sunnier times, with the added focus on the health and safety of our clients, their guests, and our staff. Soon enough we will be able to feast comfortably together, without fear or anxiety. In an effort to move closer to that day, we now provide wedding menu tastings via curbside pick-up. It is unorthodox and we would much rather meet with you in person, however we also aim to move our community closer to recovery by keeping one another safe in the meantime.

Jot Down Some Initial Asks

Wherever possible, have an idea of what you are looking to accomplish in terms of presentation, flavors, approachability, and how many options you would like to offer. This will keep you on course and save time when sifting through menu options.

Before Calling 262.662.4201, Preview our Wedding Menus

Highlighting a few dishes in advance that pique your interest will give our consultant a guidepost from which to start. Details can be worked out along the way, but having an idea of your tastes and preferences really streamlines the selection process.

Be Open to Suggestions

Allow for input from our team as to which entrees are the most popular, which desserts receive the best feedback, which courses and how many per wedding are trending. Your theme, size of your wedding, dietary restrictions, and season of the year may point to dishes you hadn’t yet considered.

Feedback is Paramount

Because a take-out style tasting doesn’t allow for on-the-spot reactions and questions, it is helpful that you take notes while conducting your at-home tasting. Tell us what you loved, how we can adjust to suit your style, and allow us to help wherever you’re in doubt. Despite the distance, there is no reason this needs to be a solitary experience.

Treat Your Tasting as a Special Occasion

In normal times, your tasting would be a date on the calendar you counted down to and got excited for. There is no reason this can’t be the case despite the circumstances. Dress for the occasion, dine on tableware you love, play some music and make a date of it. Make it special, because it absolutely is.

Focus on the Wow Factor

For many of your guests, and perhaps for you, this will be the first celebration after many months of limited to no interaction with others. If there is any time to indulge the senses, go big, and try something new, it is during a time of renewal, triumph, and unity. Your wedding will be that, so choose flavors you will love and will titillate your guests.

When in Doubt, Read the Reviews

Understandably, you might be overwhelmed by the prospect of planning your wedding from afar. It is daunting even in the days of being more hands-on with decisions, however we have the benefit of experience with happy clients who have soldiered on through this tumultuous time.

“Though it was not the food tasting I had envisioned for my wedding, the
food was excellent, the staff and communication have been great and I am
so grateful for the to-go option!”

“It’s a crazy time with how unpredictable things have been, but everyone
at Bubb’s has been really nice and forthcoming.”

Take heart and know we are going to manage just fine in these changing times. With a little creativity and flexibility, a magical wedding day can be achieved, safely and responsibly. All Occasions Catering and Bubb’s is here to support you, and we hope you maintain the joy and optimism we too have for your big day, as all brides and grooms are deserving of.