An Interview with Mark Andersen of All Occasions Catering

All Occasions Catering is owned and operated by Mark Andersen, who has been passionate about food since he can remember. His family was in the food business, so he grew up with an appreciation for good food provided by people with a passion for quality service.

Since its inception in 1929, All Occasions Catering has maintained a reputation for providing a personalized dining experience with unique and delicious food options. A wide variety of menus and full service capabilities make All Occasions Catering the perfect choice for backyard graduations, corporate picnics, holiday galas, unforgettable weddings and everything in between.

But what exactly makes All Occasions Catering so great? Owner, Mark Andersen explains his philosophy behind one of Milwaukee’s oldest catering businesses.

What was your vision when you took over the business in 2004?

My mission was simple, really. I wanted to offer a superior product and great service, but I also wanted to give people an experience. And I think the way you accomplish that is with great people who work hard, who care about the food and want to deliver a memorable product and service.

What are the company’s goals?

Well, the most important thing I can do for the people who work here is give them a place where they feel valued and enjoy being here. The work environment really matters, because it really takes a strong team to do what we do. My personal goal as the owner is to encourage and motivate people. I love new ideas because it invigorates the business, and I think that affects the final product.

What do you look for in an employee?

It’s really important that they’re willing to learn and grow. They can’t be afraid to try new things. And bottom line, they have to be a team player. Being an overall good, fun person doesn’t hurt either!

What is unique about your catering business?

We offer traditional barbecue. Since 1996, we’ve been Milwaukee’s local taste for authentic Texas style barbecue, which is an art. We season the meats with our unique dry rub overnight and the next day we throw them in the smoker for 12 plus hours in our very own oak wood fueled barbeque pits. Our motto…SLOW and LOW is the way to go!

What is your favorite thing on the menu?

Beef Brisket! I have not had a better slice than ours freshly sliced from the smoker!