4 Advantages to a Shortened Guest List

After months of planning, saving, and dreaming big about your wedding day, the 2020 curse of social distancing and capacity limits have hit your guest list. To say a pared down wedding is a disappointment is the understatement of the year, and we at All Occasions Catering are sympathetic to it. The circumstances we are all working with require safety measures we, too, have had to rapidly adjust to, so we are extra sensitive to our Brides’ and Grooms’ new conditions.

Fortunately this change in plans features some upsides a larger event couldn’t accommodate. Your reception will be filled with your very own VIPs, since the space doesn’t allow for those people you only felt obligated to invite. The special, intimate nature of a smaller guest list lends to the romantic reason for gathering. And what’s more, your budget, perhaps stretched thin over an expansive number of attendees, allows for more amenities and elevated menu options. 

Appetizing Amendments

With a full guest list, it was possible appetizers weren’t in the budget at all. Now with perhaps half the loved ones attending, any of the hors d’oeuvre menus are “on the table,” so to speak. It’s possible that previously your finances had room for the Standard Hors D’oeuvres package, itself a crowd pleasing list including Bacon Wrapped Water Chestnuts and a delicious assortment of cocktail sandwiches. But, in your heart, you fantasized about the Deluxe Menu’s Crab Stuffed Mushrooms or Bourbon Glazed Meatballs. Your dream menu could be a reality with these new freed up funds.

Dinner Hour Decadence

While the AOC Formal Buffet is a particular source of pride for our team, a larger dining budget allows for our Chef’s Table and Plated Dinner menus, and with that the specialty entrees within it. Door County Duck, Peppercorn Beef Tenderloin, and Lemon Halibut are all impressive and exclusive to this menu, as well as expanded meatless options so beautifully crafted even carnivores would happily dive into them. The most important day of your life to date is certainly deserving of a memorable meal with the people you love.

Upgraded Accoutrements

All Occasions Catering really shines in the details. Your meal and service will deliver beyond comparison, this is a given. Our unique add-ons however will surely take your reception to a whole new level of whimsy. The Bao Buns and Live Action Ramen Bar can be included as a stand-out appetizer or late night snack, as can the Soft Pretzel Bar and Bubb’s Macho Nacho Bar.  A jazzier linen selection or adding copper chargers to your table presentation, and gold rimmed china adds an air of sophistication not previously considered a justifiable expense. With a smaller guest list, next to the joy on your face, your friends and family will notice the details you opted for to make your day special for them as well. 

Supplemental Sweets

The only thing better than dessert following an exceptional meal is six desserts. This vision can be made real by using some of your extra finances toward one of three sumptuous dessert stations. Choose from the Silver, Gold, or Platinum Platter packages, each including an array of beautifully crafted sweet treats such as Chocolate Covered Strawberries, French Pastries, and Mini Cheesecakes. A playful twist could include our signature Donut Bar, S’mores Bar, or our Candy Apple Bar, sure to delight the young guests in the room, and the kid inside us all.

In short, take heart. These are strange times, and our institutions have certainly made adjustments none of us were prepared for. Your wedding might look a little different than initially conceived, but if you keep an open mind and use your resources wisely, it could be even better than you ever imagined. Here is to your marriage, and the first of many adventures you’ll share.