10 Reasons to Select All Occasions Catering for Your Next Event

The unsung hero of any memorable, well run celebration is the food, both in its quality and presentation. Sometimes a subtle background player, other times the star of the show, great catering is the foundation of any successful production. All of this begs the question, what constitutes great catering?

1. History

In 1929, while many of American businesses struggled, All Occasions Catering was just getting started. Over 90+ years in operation, each one improving upon the last, this talented team is committed to the art of creating impeccable dining experiences. Decades of shifting trends and unexpected challenges have added to our agility and expertise in serving a beautifully diverse clientele.

2. Extensive Partnerships

Another benefit to close to a century in this community is a strong alliance with a broad range of venues. Be it the homespun charm of a wedding barn, the elegance of a resort ballroom, or the excitement of Miller Park, All Occasions Catering boasts lengthy know-how navigating the quirks and benefits of the endless greater Milwaukee partners.

3. Expansive Capabilities

We take our direction from the client, curating your event’s brand, so that it combines our skills with your personal stamp.  As much care and consideration is taken for an intimate micro-wedding as is for your corporate gala. All Occasions Catering has proudly served CEOs, graduates, parents-to-be, memorial attendees, newlyweds, and a variety of party people with verve and attention to detail. We encourage our event hosts to plan without limits and allow us to exceed your expectations.

4. Familiar Comforts

Our longstanding philosophy is that a fantastic experience need not be overly fussy. Bubb’s BBQ is proof of that, and we are proud to include them in the All Occasions family of options. Cooked low and slow, Bubbs’ authentic Texas-style meats and traditional pig roasts are our flagship menu standouts, frequently requested by clients of every stripe.

5. Unique Alternatives

No menu is one size fits all, and it is as important to us as it is to you to offer that extra something special. Craft Snow Cones and S’mores, Bavarian Spätzle, and Jamaican Jerk Brisket all exist on the same list of delights, along with the formality of Alaskan Salmon and Java Crusted Tenderloin. You can’t go wrong when combining your imagination with All Occasions’ abilities. A big appetite doesn’t hurt either.

6. Bar Services

We understand the ease of operation in coordinating bartending with catering. Planning the layout of stations within a venue, synchronizing staff, and streamlining set-up and clean-up is made easier with an integrated service staff lineup. All Occasions Catering is happy to provide the mixology, wine service, tapped kegs, hot apple cider, and much, much more, to keep the revelry going for all ages.

7. One-Stop Shop

The convenience doesn’t end with optional bar service. Anyone who has planned an event knows the complexity of coordinating multiple vendors for customized linen and decor, tables and chairs, china selections, and party tents. Channeling all of the details through one experienced vendor such as All Occasions saves on time and cost, prevents miscommunication and redundancies, and most importantly, eliminates needless stress.

8. Community

It is our profound belief we have a duty to serve the betterment of southeast Wisconsin, and a fortunate byproduct of our line of work is the ability to donate surplus food to the Waukesha Food Pantry. Above all else, our team of chefs and service personnel are your friends and neighbors, and we are proud to provide wherever we can in giving others a hand-up into a happier tomorrow.

9. Reputation

Modern times and online tools allow for almost immediate accountability for shoddy performance, and lucky for us, a very public and permanent forum to leave five star reviews. We take our reputation very seriously, and know that every event matters. In a world of “likes” and internet ratings, All Occasions Catering sleeps pretty well at night because of our positive presence in both word-of-mouth and in the virtual world.

10. Sense of Family

Wisconsin is a place that loves to celebrate, fortunately for us. This is the state that taught all others how to tailgate, that breakfast is as good a time as any for a glass of champagne, and there’s always time in the season for one more Christmas party. All Occasions Catering thrives because we share the same spirit, and we think of ourselves as co-hosts in your journey. Your happiness is our mission, and what a joy this job can be.