Getting to Know Kyle Williams, Banquet Manager Extraordinaire

Let’s all raise a glass to All Occasions Catering’s newest star, Banquet Manager, Kyle Williams. He has got some great ideas and a rich history in entertaining, so we sat down with Kyle to get acquainted, and get excited about what’s in store. 


Who are you? Tell us about yourself and your background in the industry

Hi! I have been in the service industry since I was 18 years old. I began as a host and server, and gradually worked my way through the ranks. Previously I was the General Manager of a popular Irish pub in Milwaukee, and have learned and grown with many different types of establishments throughout my career. I have built new restaurants from the ground up with some amazing teams, and I’m excited to bring all of that knowledge and experience into this position.

What is your role going to look like at AOC?

My role at AOC will essentially be to help streamline our operations from beginning to end, working closely with every department to develop a more fluid process. Training is a big part of how I lead, and I will be taking every opportunity to grow our team’s skills that I can. I also have the pleasure of working with Mark to renovate our bar program and bring a competitive, delicious, and professional new twist on catered bar services.

This feels like a bit of an AOC makeover. What has motivated the change?

I cannot take sole credit for all of the changes happening at AOC. Working together with a group of passionate individuals with innovative ideas is bound to inspire some new creations. I think this year has given everyone at AOC some time to step back and think “What can we do next?” Certainly the dynamics of 2020 have been a big motivator. Forward movement and change are inevitable given the new conditions we are working within. Fortunately having a dedicated team with many unique talents, it has been a nice challenge to create new, special events, with an eye toward the future.

What can you tell us about the new bar services menu?

Expect more bang for your buck! Our new, four-tiered bar package includes something for everyone, and every type of event. We are introducing new specialty cocktails, an expanded wine selection, and we’re excited to focus more on delicious pairings. We have broadened our higher grade selections, paying attention to specialty cultural or customized drink menus, for every event, and every palette.

Any other menu or service changes we can get excited about?

Our new plated menu options will really pair well with the new bar package options (coming soon)!

Where would you like to see AOC go? What are your goals for the company?

I would love to be able to share all of these positive experiences with even more clients! It’s such a pleasure to impress our clients, and their guests, so to do that more, to bring even more joy to people year over year, is always the goal. 

2021 is just around the corner. How is AOC feeling about event planning despite so much uncertainty about the future?

We are taking every week as it comes, but we never stop working! Positivity and optimism are key, along with realistic expectations. We are taking any down time we do have to innovate, explore new ideas, so that we can knock every meeting, wedding, and even food drop-offs, far out of the park. 

Let’s hear it from an expert. What is your favorite AOC menu meal?

Anything coming out of Chef Michael Paris’ kitchen is my favorite. If I had to narrow it down I’d have to say the Lemon Halibut would be my first choice. I’m a sucker for a great white fish, paired with an exquisite white wine of course.

2020 has really driven a message of appreciating and celebrating all of life’s wins. How did you celebrate taking on the Banquet Manager position?

I celebrated with friends and family with, appropriately, a very nice meal at home. A getaway is in the works, but with 2020 conditions, I thought it best to keep it small and local.


Not to worry, we just happen to be in the celebration business and will have plenty of opportunity to toast Kyle. We welcome him to the AOC family, and cannot wait for you to meet him, too.