Frequently Asked Questions | Bubb's BBQ
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What does day-of planning entail? Does everything happen on the big day?

“Coordination for the day of the wedding.” It starts with a comprehensive consultation with the bride at least three to four weeks prior to the wedding. From there we assemble a detailed timeline for the wedding day and work to ensure that everything comes together just as the bride envisioned it. As well, some wedding venues have a requirement that a couple hire a planner or at minimum, a coordinator for the day of the wedding.

What are the key benefits?

The Biggest: having the peace of mind that all the details will come together as you enjoy your special day.

How can I set up a reception and get ready for the day at the same time?

We will handle all set up at the ceremony and reception site the morning of the wedding while you enjoy a relaxing time getting ready with your bridal party.

What if my wedding vendors need payment or we want to tip at the end of the night?

We will handle all payments and tips on your behalf and collect that from you in advance.

The groom jacket button is missing 1hour before ceremony and a groomsman forgot his black socks?

We will always have a complete day of emergency kit with us and will be able to sew a button or hand out a black pair of socks.

We have a large number of out of town guest arriving that will need direction?

We can assist with guest transportation and guest hotel block contracts.

We are finished with pictures before the ceremony and have no idea if the DJ and caterer are on site and ready?

We will make sure both the DJ and caterer and any other day of vendors have arrived and have everything in place for the bridal party to be announced and you can enjoy your entrance.